The idea for the Elviscaster came when the Elvis stamps were issued in 1993. I was having dinner with my good friend, Dan Hickey (drummer for They Might Be Giants), and we thought that the stamp was so cool that it should go on something other than envelopes. I thought it should go on a telecaster. Dan thought that the stamps would look great on a snare drum. By the next morning, I had forgotten all about the conversation until Dan called to say that he had already bought the stamps. I went to the post office immediately. Then I went to work on Elvis. So far, Dan has not made his Elvis snare.

I used a white sealer on an Alder tele body. Then my wife, Karan and I pasted, with a wet sponge and our tongues, 7 sheets of Elvis stamps.

I had the body clear-coated.
I clear-coated the neck.

I made my own "Elviscaster" decal.
It's had a variety of pickups- until I decided on DiMarzio TwangKings. It has an old style tele bridge with graphite barrels. The maple neck is chunky with 6105 Dunlop frets. It's strung up like my other electrics (11-50). The only modification is a push-pull tone knob that activates a capacitor that cuts the highs and adds a little midrange.


The nameplate on the bridge cover was purchased in Marshall's in Mobile, Alabama where my niece, Michelle, was working at the time. It was originally a pin which was removed.
Elvis was completed in May, 1993

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