December 2023
Sunday December 03  Memphis, TN  Save Our Aquifer  Shemekia Copeland
Monday December 04  New York, NY  Red Lion  Jam
Tuesday December 05      
Wednesday December 06      
Thursday December 07      
Friday December 08      
Saturday December 09      
Sunday December 10      
Monday December 11  New York, NY  The Red Lion  Jam
Tuesday December 12      
Wednesday December 13      
Thursday December 14      
Friday December 15  Piermont, NY  The Turning Point  The Felix Cabrera/Arthur Neilson Band
Saturday December 16      
Sunday December 17      
Monday December 18  New York, NY  The Red Lion  Jam
Tuesday December 19      
Wednesday December 20  New York, NY  Common Ditch Social  Jake Walker Trio (5-8:30PM)
Thursday December 21      
Friday December 22      
Saturday December 23      
Sunday December 24      
Monday December 25    
Tuesday December 26      
Wednesday December 27       
Thursday December 28      
Friday December 29      
Saturday December 30  Forest Park, IL  Robert's Westside  Shemekia Copeland
Saturday December 31  Three Oaks, MI  The Acorn  Shemekia Copeland

January 2024
Monday January 01  New York, NY  The City Winery  Black Coffee Blues Band
Tuesday January 02      
Wednesday January 03      
Thursday January 04      
Friday January 05      
Saturday January 06   Washington, D.C.     Vanessa Collier
Sunday January 07      
Monday January 08  New York, NY  The Red Lion   Jam (7-10PM)
Tuesday January 09      
Wednesday January 10      
Thursday January 11      
Friday January 12      
Saturday January 13      
Sunday January 14      
Monday January 15  New York, NY  Red Lion   Jam (7-10PM)
Tuesday January 16      
Wednesday January 17      
Thursday January 18      
Friday January 19      
Saturday January 20      
Sunday January 21      
Monday January 22  New York, NY  The Red LIon  Jam (7-10PM)
Tuesday January 23      
Wednesday January 24      
Thursday January 25  Tuckerton, NJ  Lizzie Rose Music Room  Shemekia Copeland
Friday January 26  New York, NY  Jazz at Lincoln Center (2 shows)   Shemekia Copeland
Saturday January 27   New York, NY   Jazz at Lincoln Center (2 shows)  Shemekia Copeland
Sunday January 28   Fort Lauderdale, FL  Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise  Shemekia Copeland
Monday January 29     Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise   Shemekia Copeland
Tuesday January 30     Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise   Shemekia Copeland
Wednesday January 31     Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise   Shemekia Copeland

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