1. I Can't Forget the Things You Said   Popa Chubby
  2. Woman You Must Be Crazy   Arthur Neilson
  3. Stranded in Vegas   Big Ed Sullivan
  4. Fenderbender   Arthur Neilson
  5. Guard My Heart   Dimitri & Popa Chubby
  6. All Good Things   Matt Smith
  7. The Day That I Walked In   "T"
  8. Madman Blues/Drivin' to Dallas   Bobby Carson
  9. Big Sister Betty   Arthur Neilson
  10. Shaken Blue   "T"
  11. Lie Down With the Blues   Popa Chubby
  12. Telephone Woman   James "T" Tillson & Popa Chubby   
  13. Bleecker Street Boogie   Matt Smith
  14. Rock And Roll Zombie   Big Ed Sullivan
  15. Walkin' With Danny   Arthur Neilson
  16. I Think I'm Gonna Pop   Bobby Carson
  17. Rested In the Mornin'   "T" & Popa Chubby
  18. Low Han Shay   Popa Chubby

Popa Chubby Presents New York City Blues