1965 Gibson ES335TD

Gibson ES335TD
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I bought this guitar in 1968, after falling in
love with B.B. King.  I then realized the
direction that I needed to go in.

I saved my lunch money and allowance
in a tissuebox on top of my dresser.
It cost me all of $210!

The pickups died on me, and I put in
Seymour Duncan 59ers with creme
mounting rings.

I still have the pickguard...
It's in my closet.  

I also put on Grover tuning pegs.
It's got a sweet tone.
I used it alot on the Blue Angel record.  

I don't take it on the road with me anymore.

There is a warm spotin my heart for this guitar.
It was my first "real" guitar.

(My veryfirst guitar was a $19. Teisco Del Rey electric.
My second was a $33. Harmony acoustic
...which was stolen.)

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